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B Acronyms

Acronyms that start with Letter B


Acronym Meaning / Link
BALUN Balanced / Unbalanced
BANCS Bell Application Network Control System
BASIC Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BAU Business as Usual
BBS Bulletin Board System
BCC Blind Carbon Copy or Block Check Character
BCD Binary Coded Decimal
BDA Broadcast Driver Architecture
BDC Backup Domain Controller
BDR Basic Density Range
BDTi Basic Design Technology Inc.
BE Back End
BECN Backward Explicit Congestion Notation
BEDO Burst Extended Data-Out
BEZS Bandwidth Efficent Zero Suppression
BFT Binary File Transfer
BGA Ball Grid Array
BGP Border Gateway Patrol or Protocol
BiCMOS Bipolar Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
BICSI Building Industry Consulting Services International
BIL Band Interleaved by Line
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOS Basic Input / Output System
BIP Band Interleaved by Pixel
BIPS Billions Instructions Per Second
bitBLT BitBlock Transfer
BIU Bus Interface Unit
BKSU Basic Key Service Unit (telephony)
BLOG Short for Web Log as in weBLOG
BMB Baseboard Management Bus
BMP Extension name for bitmapped image (PC file format)
BNC Bayonet-Neill-Concelman or British National Connector or Bayonet Nut Connector (for coaxial cables)
BNS Billed Number Screening - The authorization of billing to a telephone number for collect and bill-to-third party calls.
BOGOMIP A combination of Bogus and Mips
BOM Bill Of Materials 
BOOTP Boot Protocol
BPB BIOS Parameter Block
BPF Berkeley Packet Filter
bPS Bits per second
BPS Bytes per second
BRC Bit Rate Classes (computers) or Broadcast Rating Council (communications) or Business Reply Card (mail) or Budget Review Committee (army)
BRI Basic Rate Interface or Brain Response Interface
BSC Binary or Bi-Synchronous Communication
BSD Berkeley Standard Distribution
BSLD Boundary Scan Description Language and BellSouth Long Distance
BSP Bell Systems Practice
BSQ Band SeQuential
BSS Broadband Switching System, Business Support System, Block Started by Symbol
BTAs Basic Trading Areas
BTB Branch Target Buffer
BTDT Been There Done That
BTS Base Transceiver Station
BTU Bus Terminal Unit
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