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M Mega
MAC MACintosh or Media Access Control
MALU Matrix Arithmetic Logic Unit see also (ALU) Arithmetic and Logical Unit
MAN Metropolitan Area Network
MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MAPI Messaging Application Programming Interface
MATV Master Antenna Television
MAU Medium Attachment Unit or Multi-Station Access Unit or Media Access Unit
MB Megabyte or Megabit
MBONE MBONE virtual network for IP multicast
MBR Master Boot Record
MBS Master Boot Sector or Mobile Broadband Services
Mbps Megabits per second
MC Mini-Cartridge
MCA Micro Channel Architecture (internal bus for IBM PS/2
MCGA MultiColor Graphics Array
MCI Media Control Interface
MDA Monochrome display adapter (video display standard)
MDC McAfee Development Center
MDI Multiple Document Interface
MDRAM Multibank Dynamic Random Access Memory
MEG Megabyte
MF Modulated Frequency
MFLOPS Million floating-point operations per second
MFM Modified frequency modulation (disk format standard)
MFTP Multi-Cast File Transfer Protocol
MGA Monochrome graphic adapter (video display standard)
MHS Message Handling Service
MHz Megahertz
MI Mode Indicate
MIC extension for 32 bit Microsoft image (.mic)
MIC Microsoft Internet Chat or Mode Indicate - Common
MICA Modem ISDN Channel Aggregation
MICR Magnetic-ink character recognition
MICS Modular Integrated Communications System
MICROTEL Microsoft / Intel
MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIDR Mosaicked Image Data Record
MIG Metal-In-Gap or Mach Interface Generator
MILES Merisel's Information and Logistical Efficency System
MILNET Military Network
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
MIN Mobile Identification Number
MIPL Multimission Image Processing Laboratory
MIPS Millions of Instructions Per Second or Multimission Image Processing Subsystem
MIS Management information system (or service), (Microsoft) Mobile Information Server
MLPPP MultiLink PPP (Point-To-Point Protocol)
MMDS Multipoint Multichannel Distribution Service
MMX Matrix Math eXtensions (Multimedia Extension)
MNP Microcom Networking Protocol
MO Magneto-Optical
MOCA Merisel Open Computing Alliance
MODEM MOdulator / DEModulator
MODELS Modernization of Defense Logistics Standard Systems in DNCS
MOL Microsoft Open License
MOM Microsoft Office Manager
MOS Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MPC Multimedia Personal Computer
MPD Mini Port Driver
MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group
MPI Message Passing Interface
MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching
MPOA Multi-Protocol Over ATM
MPS Multi-Processor Specification
MR Magneto-Resistive, Maintenance Release - software
MRO Management Risk Overview or Maintenance Repair and Operation
MS Microsoft System(s)
MSD Microsoft Diagnostic
MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSDE Microsoft Data Engine 
MSDN Microsoft Developer Network 
MSDS Material Data Safety Sheet (data sheet that comes with chemical products)
MSMQ Microsoft Message Queuing
MSN Microsoft Network
MSO Multiple System Operators
MSTP Multimission Software Transmission Project
MTA Major Trading Area or Mail/Message Transfer Agent
MTBF Mean Time Between/before Failures
MTP Message Transfer Protocol, Media Transfer Protocol
MTTR Mean Time To Repair/Recovery
MUA Mail User Agent
MUs Maintenance Updates (software)
MULTICS Multiplexed Information and Computing Service
MUSEUM As in .museum - Museum web site  (See our list of TLDs here)
MVIP Multi-Vendor Integration Protocol
MVP Modular Voice Processor
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
MVS/ESA Multiple Virtual Storage / Enterprise Systems Architecture
MVS/SP Multiple Virtual Storage / System Product
MVS/TSO Multiple Virtual Storage / Time Sharing Option
MVS/XA Multiple Virtual Storage / Extended Architecture
MWI Message Waiting Indicator
MWN Message Waiting Notification
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