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C File Extensions

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Extension Meaning / Link
.C C Program File
.C00 Ventura Print File
.C01 Typhoon Wave File
.C86 C86 C Program
.C-- Sphinx C-- Source code
.CA Telnet Server Initial Cache Data File
.CA7 Beta 44 Job File
.CAB Cabinet File (Microsoft installation archive)
.CAC dBase IV Executable File
.CAD Softdesk Drafix CAD File
.CAG MS Clip Gallery Catalog File
.CAL SuperCalc Worksheet, Calendar File, CALS compressed bitmap
.CAM Casio Camera Graphic
.CAN Navigator Fax
.CAP  Ventura Caption, Telix Session Capture, Compressed Music File
.CAR  AtHome Assistant File
.CAS Comma-delimited ASCII File
.CAT dBase Catalog, Quicken IntelliCharge Categorization File
.CB MS Clean Boot File
.CBC CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System File
.CBI IBM Mainframe Column Binary Formatted File
.CBL COBOL Program
.CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap
.CBT Computer Based Training
.CC C++ Program File, Visual dBASE Custom Class File
.CCA  CC:Mail File
.CCB  Visual Basic Animated Button Configuration
.CCC Chat, Curtain Call Native Bitmap Graphic
.CCE Calendar Creator Plus Data File
.CCF OS/2 Multimedia Viewer Configuration File, Symphony Communications Configuration File
.CCH Corel Chart
.CCL Intalk Communication Command Language
.CCM Lotus CC:Mail Mailbox
.CCO CyberChat Data File
.CCR Chat Room Shortcut
.CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave Cast
.CDA CD Audio Track
.CDB Turbo C Database, Clipboard File, CardScan Database, PowerDesigner Conceptual Model Backup File 
.CDC Chromeleon Driver Configuration Plugin
.CDD Chromeleon Device Driver
.CDF Comma Delimited Format, Cyberspace Description Format, MS Channel Definition Format
.CDI Phillips Compact Disk Interactive Format
.CDK Atari Calamus Document
.CDM PowerDesigner Conceptual Model File, Visual dBASE Custom Data Module
.CDR Corel Vector Graphic, Raw Audio-CD Data
.CDT Corel Draw Template
.CDX Compound Index, Corel Draw Compressed Drawing, MS Visual Foxpro Index, Active Server Document
.CE FarSide Computer Calendar File
.CEG Continuous Edge Graphic, Tempra Show Bitmap Graphic
.CEL Autodesk Animator Graphic, CIMFast Event Language File,  Kiss Paper Doll File
.CER Certificate File 
.CEX The Currency Exchanger Rate File
.CF Imake Configurtion File
.CFB Comptons Multimedia File
.CFG Configuration (various)
.CFL Corel Flowchart File
.CFM Corel FontMaster, Cold Fusion Template File, Visual dBASE Windows Customer Form
.CFN Atari Calamus Font Data File
.CFO TCU Turbo C Utilities C Form Object
.CFP Complete Fax Portable Fax File
.CGA Ventura CGA Screen Characters
.CGI Common Gateway Interface Script
.CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
.CH Clipper Header, OS/2 Configuration File
.CH3 Harvard Chart  
.CH4 Charisma 4.0 Presentation
.CHA Adobe Pagemaker Kerning Data
.CHD FontChameleon Font Descriptor
.CHF pcAnywhere Remote Control File
.CHI Chiwriter Document
.CHJ Help Composer Project
.CHK CHKDSK/SCANDISK Output, WordPerfect Temp File
.CHL Chromeleon Channel Raw Data, Configuration History Log
.CHM Compiled HTML Help
.CHN Ethnograph Data File
.CHP Ventura Publisher Chapter
.CHR Character or Font File
.CHT Cheat Machine Data File, ChartViewer dBase Interface File,  Harvard Graphics Vector File  
.CIF Ventura Chapter Information, Easy CD Creator Image, pcAnywhere Caller File, Ventura Converted Image FileColombo Ipermedia File
.CIL Clip Gallery Download Package
.CIM Sim City 200 File
.CIN OS/2 Change Control File
.CIR SuperMax E-CAD Save-File Command
.CIT Intergraph Scanned Image
.CIX TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index
.CK1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File (.CK1 to .CK6)
.CKB Borland C++ Keyboard Mapping File
.CKP Ingres Checkpoint File
.CL Generic LISP Source Code
.CL3 Easy CD Creator Layout File
.CL4 Easy CD Creator Layout File
.CLA Java Class File (usually .CLASS but can be shortened)
.CLG Disk Catalog Database
.CLL Crick Software Clicker File
.CLO Cloe Image
.CLP Windows Clipboard/Picture, Quattro Pro Clip Art, Clipper 5 Compiler Script
.CLR WinEdit Colorization Word List, 1st Reader Binary Color Screen Image, PhotStyler Color Defintion
.CLS Visual Basic Class Module, C++ Class Definition
.CM Craftman Data File
.CMA Applix TM1 Database File (text)
.CMB  Chromeleon Backup Archive
.CMD OS/2, WinNT Command File, OS CP/M Command File, dBase II Program File, 1st Reader External Command Menu
.CMF Creative Music File, Corel Metafile
.CMG Chessmaster Saved Game
.CMK Card Shop Plus File
.CML Cheat Machine Library File (Windows), PADGen Company Info File
.CMM CEnvi (ScriptEase:Desktop) Batch File
.CMP Leadview Bitmap, Open Access File, Address Document, JPEG Bitmap, CorelDRAW Postscript Printer Header, Route 66 Address Document, MS Word for DOS User Dictionary
.CMR MediaPlayer Movie
.CMU  Carnegie Mellon University Stereo Raster Image
.CMV Corel Move Animation
.CMX Corel PhotoPaint Image, Corel Presentation Exchange Image, Apple Viewer File
.CNF Configuration (various), SpeedDial
.CNM Windows Application Menu Options and Setup File
.CNQ Compuworks Design Shop File
.CNT Help File Contents (and other contents)
.CNV MS Word Data Conversion File, WS_FTP Pro Upload Conversion File Data, WordPerfect Temporary File
.COB COBOL Program File, Caligari Truespace Format, TrueSpace2 Object
.COD Code List, Compiler Program Code, Multiplan Data File, dBase Template Source File, FORTRAN Compiled Code
.COL Autodesk Color Palette, Multiplan Spreadsheet, Lotus Notes Import Column Description File
.COM Command (Executable file)
.CON Knowledgeware Consolidation File, Simdir Configuration File
.CP8 CP8 256 Gray Scale Image
.CPD Fax Coversheet, Corel PrintOffice File, Complaints Desk Script
.CPE Fax Coversheet
.CPF Complete Fax File
.CPH Corel Print House Image
.CPI Code Page Information, ColorLab Image
.CPJ CeQuadrant CD Project
.CPL Control Panel Extension, Corel Color Palette, Compel Presentation
.CPO Corel Print House File
.CPP C++ Program, CA-Cricket Presents Presentation
.CPR Corel Presents Presentation, Knowledge Access Graphics
.CPS Antivirus Checksum File, Central Point PC Tools Backup,  Colored PostScript File
.CPT Macintosh Compressed File, Corel Photo-Paint Image, dBase Encrypted Memo, CA Cricket Presents Template
.CPX Control Panel Applet, CryptaPix Encrypted Image, Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed Drawing
.CPY Copy Books Data File
.CPZ COMPOZ Music Text
.CRD Cardfile (Windows 3.x Database)
.CRF Zortech C++ Cross-Reference File
.CRH MS Golf Image File
.CRL Certificate Revocation List
.CRP dBase Encrypted Database, Visual dBASE Custom Report, Corel Presents Run-Time Presentation
.CRS WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion Resource
.CRT Certificate File, Oracle Terminal Settings Info, UNIX Crontab File
.CRU CRUSH Compressed Archive
.CRY Crypto Chat II Encrypted Notebook-content
.CSA Comma Deliminated Text
.CSC Corel Script
.CSD Bitstream Fontware File, Chemsoft� MSDS Database File
.CSH Hamilton Labs C Shell Script File
.CSI Cyberautograph Signed Item
.CSK Claris Works
.CSM Borland C++ Symbol File, Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled Header, Kodak DC265 Camera Script
.CSP PC Emcee On-Screen Image
.CSQ Foxpro Queries
.CSS Hypertext Cascading Style Sheet, Stats+ Datafile, Statistica Datasheet
.CST Macromedia Director Cast File
.CSV Comma-Separated Variables, CompuShow Adjusted EGA/VGA Palette
.CT Scitex CT Bitmap
.CTF TIFF Compressed File, Symphony Character Code Translation
.CTL Setup Information (various), User Control (various)
.CTX Compressed Text, Visual Basic User Control Binary File, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), Ciphertext File, MS Online Course Text
.CTY SimCity City File
.CUE MS Cue Cards Data
.CUF Turbo C Utilities Form Definition
.CUL IconForge/ImageForge Cursor Library
.CUR Cursor 
.CUT Dr. Halo Bitmap Graphic
.CV Corel Versions Archive, MS CodeView Information
.CV4 Codeview Colors
.CVP WinFax Cover Page
.CVS Canvas Drawing File
.CVT dBase Converted Database
.CVW Codeview Colors
.CWE Crossword Express
.CWK Claris Works Data
.CWS Claris Works Template
.CXT Macromedia Director Protected Cast File
.CXX Zortech C++ Program
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