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M File Extensions

File Extensions that start with letter M


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Extension Meaning / Link
.M Matlab Function, Macro Source, Mathematica File
.M?? Ingres Modify Table/Index File (?? = Hex 00 to FF)
.M18 Accolade Golf Course File
.M1V MPEG File
.M3 ModuleA 3 Program File
.M3A MPEG Archive Enhanced .M3U Playlist File
.M3D 3D Animations Macro, Corel Motion 3D Animation
.MA3 Harvard Macro (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
.MAC MacPaint Bitmap Graphic, Macro (various)
.MAD MS Access Module Shortcut
.MAF MS Access Form Shortcut
.MAG Picture File, MS Access Diagram Shortcut
.MAI Mail
.MAK Make File (compiler project file)
.MAM MS Access Macro Shortcut
.MAN Manual
.MAP Image, Color Palette, Duke Nukem WAD File, Ingres Termcap Mapping File, Linker Map, Micrografx Picture Publisher Format Data
.MAQ MS Access Query Shortcut
.MAR MS Access Report Shortcut
.MAS Focus Master Data Definition, MS Access Stored Procedures, Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster File
.MAT Sound File, Matlab Variables Binary File, MS Access Table Shortcut
.MAV MS Access View Shortcut
.MAW MS Access Data Access Page
.MAX Kinetix's 3D Studio MAX Scene, Paperport File, OrCAD Layout File
.MAZ Hover Maze Data, Division's dVS/dVISE File
.MB Paradox Memo Holder
.MB1 Apogee Monster Bash Data File
.MBF MS Money Backup File
.MBK dBase IV Multiple Index Backup
.MBX Mailbox Message File (Outlook v1-4 or Eudora)
.MCC Mathcad Configuration, Dialer10 Calling Card, Monu-Cad Pro CAD File
.MCD Mathcad Document, Monu-Cad Pro CAD File
.MCF Mathcad Font
.MCI Media Control Interface Command Set
.MCL Multimedia Manager Collection File
.MCP Mathcad Printer Driver
.MCR DataCAD Keyboard Macro File
.MCS MathCAD Format File
.MCW Word for Macintosh Text File
.MCX Graphic File
.MD Compressed Archive File
.MDA MS Access Add-in, MS Access 2 Workgroup
.MDB MS Access Database, MS Access Application
.MDE MS Access Database File
.MDF Menu Definition File
.MDL Digitrakker Music Module (by n-FaCToR), Quake Model File
.MDM Telix Modem Definition
.MDN MS Access Blank Database Template
.MDP MS Developer Studio Project
.MDT MS Access Add-in Data
.MDW MS Access Workgroup Information
.MDX dBase IV Multiple Index
.MDZ MS Access Wizard Template
.ME Information (i.e., READ.ME)
.MEB WordPerfect Macro Editor Bottom Overflow File
.MED WordPerfect Macro Editor Delete Save, OctaMED Tracker Module
.MEM WordPerfect Macro Editor Macro, Memory File of Variables, MS FoxPro Memory Variable Save File
.MEN Menu
.MEQ WordPerfect Macro Editor Print Queue
.MER WordPerfect Macro Editor Resident Area, Data Interchange Format
.MES Message File, WordPerfect Macro Editor Work Space
.MET WordPerfect Macro Editor Top Overflow File, Presentation Manager Meta File, OmniPage Document
.MEU DOS Shell Menus
.MEX Matlab Executable Command, WordPerfect Macro Editor Expound File
.MF MetaFont Text File
.MFF MIDI File Format
.MGC MGCSoft Equation Editor File
.MGF Image File, Micrografx Font, Materials and Geometry Format File
.MGM MGCSoft Equation Editor Macro File
.MH Graphic File
.MHG Multimedia File
.MHT MS MHTML Document (Archived Web Page)
.MI Miscellaneous
.MIC MS Image Composer File
.MIF MIDI Instrument, Adobe FrameMaker Interchange Format
.MIL Group 4 Fax File
.MIM Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) File
.MIX Power C Object File, Multilayer Picture File (MS PhotoDraw 2000 & MS Picture It!), Command & Conquer Movie/Sound File
.MK Make File
.MKE Make File
.MKI Picture File
.MLB Macro Library
.MLI Encyclopedia Media List, 3D Studio's Material-Library File
.MLS Miles Sound Tools Compressed DLS
.MM Macro Mania Macro
.MMC Media Catalog 
.MME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) File
.MMF Meal Master Format, MS Mail File
.MMM Animation MS Multimedia Movie
.MMP MindManager Player Play List File
.MMS Miles Sound Tools (Midi+DLS/MLS)
.MMZ MusicMatch Theme File
.MN2 Descent2 Mission File
.MN3 Descent3 Mission File
.MND AutoCAD Menu Program File, MNI Mandelbrot for Windows
.MNG Animation Shop Animation, Multi-image Network Graphics
.MNT Foxpro Menu Memo
.MNU Menu File (various)
.MNW Menu File (various)
.MNX AutoCAD Compiled Menu File, Foxpro Menu
.MNY MS Money File
.MOB Device Definitions
.MOD Music File, ModuleA-2 Program File, Windows Kernel Module, Amiga and PC Tracker Module, MS Multiplan Spreadsheet
.MOV QuickTime Video Clip, Apple QuickTime Audio
.MOZ Netscape Temp File
.MP Multiplan File
.MP1 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I
.MP2 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II
.MP3 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III
.MPA MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I, II or III
.MPC MS Project Calender
.MPD Mini Port Driver, MS Project Database File
.MPE MPEG Movie Clip
.MPG MPEG Animation, MPEG 1 System Stream
.MPJ RoboHTML Project
.MPM WordPerfect MathPlan Macro
.MPP MS Project File, CAD Drawing File
.MPQ Blizzard Game Data File
.MPR Foxpro Program
.MPS Multimedia File
.MPT MS Project Template File
.MPV MS Project View
.MPX Foxpro Compiler Menu, MS Project Export File
.MRB Multiple Resolution Bitmap Graphic
.MRK Informative Graphics Markup File
.MRS WordPerfect Macro Resource File
.MS Checksum File for Anti-Virus
.MSA Magic Shadow Archive
.MSG Program Message, OzWin Message/Mail File, MS Mail Message
.MSH MASH (The Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper)
.MSI Windows Installer File
.MSK Autodesk Mask File, PaintShop Pro Mask File
.MSN MS Network Document, Descent Mission File
.MSP MS Paint Graphic File, Windows Installer Patch
.MST Minispecification, Windows SDK Setup Script
.MSW Word Text File
.MTH Derive Math File
.MTM Sound File, MultiTracker Music Module
.MTV Picture File
.MTW Minitab Data File
.MU Quattro Menu
.MUL Ultima Online Game
.MUP Music Publisher File
.MUS Audio File
.MVB Database, MS Multimedia Viewer File
.MVE Interplay Video File [Descent2]
.MVF Movie Stop Frame File
.MWP Lotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster File
.MYS Myst Saved Game
.MZ MOZART Music Document
.MZT MOZART Template File
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