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Extension Meaning / Link
.P PASCAL Program File, Applause Picture
.P10 Tektronix Plot 10 Drawing, Certificate Request
.P65 Pagemaker 6.5 File
.P7C Digital ID File
.P7M PKCS #7 MIME Message
.P7R Certificate Request Response
.P7S PKCS #7 Signature
.PAB MS Personal Address Book
.PAC SB Studio II Package
.PAD Telemate Keypad Definition
.PAG Property Page File
.PAK Compressed Archive File, Quake WAD File
.PAL Color Palette, Adobe Pagemaker Library Palette, Compressed File
.PAN Chromeleon Control Panel
.PAR Fractint Parameter File
.PAS Pascal Source Code
.PAT AutoCAD Hatch Pattern, Patch, Corel Vector Pattern, Advanced Gravis Ultrasound, Forte Tech. Patch
.PB WinFax Pro Phone Book
.PBD PowerBuilder Dynamic Library, Faxit Phone Book
.PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File
.PBK MS Phonebook
.PBL PowerBuilder Library
.PBM UNIX Portable Bitmap
.PBR PowerBuilder Resource
.PBI Profiler Binary Input
.PBM PBM Portable Bit Map Graphic
.PBO Profiler Binary Output
.PBT Profiler Binary Table
.PC PC-specific Text File
.PC3 Harvard Custom Palette (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
.PC5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 File
.PCA PCAnywhere Registry Backup
.PCB Protel Technology Advanced PCB Design, MS PowerPoint Application Data File
.PCC Image File
.PCD Photo-CD Image, P-Code Compiled Test Scripts
.PCE Eudora Mailbox Name Map
.PCF Profiler Command File 
.PCH Patch File, MS C PreCompiled Header
.PCK Turbo Pascal Pick File
.PCL HP-PCL Graphic Data File (HP Printer Control Language)
.PCM Sound File, OKI MSM6376 Synth Chip PCM Format
.PCP Symantec Live Update Pro
.PCS PICS Animation
.PCT Bitmap Graphic (Apple PICT Format Usually)
.PCW PC Write Text File
.PCX PC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic
.PDB Palmpilot Database File, Pegasus DataBase, Tact File, QuickPOS Database File, Program DataBase file in Microsoft .NET framework
.PDD Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image
.PDF Printer Description, Adobe Acrobat File, Netware Printer Definition File, MS Package Definition File (Inventory-related)
.PDG PrintShop Deluxe File
.PDI MS Powerpoint File
.PDQ Patton & Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite File
.PDR Port or Printer Driver
.PDS PDS Graphic, Telsis HiCall Program File
.PDT ProCite Primary Database
.PDV Paintbrush Printer Driver
.PDX Paradox Files, ProCite Database Keys, Acrobat Catalog Index
.PEB WordPerfect Program Editor Bottom Overflow File
.PED WordPerfect Program Editor Delete Save
.PEM WordPerfect Program Editor Macro
.PEQ WordPerfect Program Editor Print Queue File
.PER WordPerfect Program Editor Resident Area
.PES WordPerfect Program Editor Work Space File
.PET WordPerfect Program Editor Top Overflow File
.PF Monitor or Printer Profile File, Aladdin Systems Private Files Encrypted File
.PFA Outline Font (ASCII)
.PFB Outline Font (Binary)
.PFC PF Component
.PFE Programmers File Editor
.PFK XTree Programmable Function Keys
.PFM Printer Font Metrics
.PFP  Panorama Factory Project File
.PFR PaintShop Pro File
.PFT Chiwriter Printer Font
.PGL Graphics (Plotter)
.PGM Portable Graymap Graphic, Chromeleon Batch Program
.PGP Program Parameter, Pretty Good Privacy
.PGX Binary Property Page File
.PH PERL Header, MS Help Compiler Phrase Table
.PHD PC Help Desk File
.PHO Phone List
.PHP PHP Script, MS Picture It! Publishing Project File
.PHR NoExcuse Phrase Checker, LocoScript Phrases
.PIC PC Paint Bitmap Graphic, Lotus Picture, Macintosh PICT Drawing
.PIF Windows Program Information File, IBM PIF Drawing
.PIG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File
.PIM PixMaker Project File
.PIN Pushpin Set, Epic Pinball Data File
.PIT Macintosh Compressed Archive File
.PIX PrintMaster Graphic File, Inset Systems Bitmap
.PJ MKS Source Integrity File
.PJL ProCite Term Lists and Journal Title Lists
.PJT Foxpro Project Memo
.PJX Foxpro Project
.PKA Compressed Archive File
.PKB QuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Keyboard Layout File
.PKG MS Developer Studio Application Extension, AppleLink Package Compression Format File
.PKO PublicKey Security Object
.PKR PGP Public Keyring
.PL   Harvard Palette (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif), PERL Program File
.PL3 Harvard Chart Palette (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
.PLB Foxpro Library
.PLB LogoShow Screensaver
.PLC Lotus Add-in
.PLD PLD2 Source File (program due out 1Q2001)
.PLI Oracle 7 Data Description
.PLL Prelinked Library
.PLM DisorderTracker2 Module
.PLN WordPerfect Spreadsheet File
.PLR Descent Pilot File
.PLS DisorderTracker2 Sample, WinAmp MPEG PlayList File, Shoutcast File, MYOB Data File
.PLT AutoCAD HPGL Vector Graphic Plotter File, Gerber Sign-making Software File
.PLY Autodesk Polygon
.PM PM Graphic or Perl Module
.PM3 PageMaker 3 Document
.PM4 PageMaker 4 Document
.PM5 PageMaker 5 Document
.PM6 PageMaker 6 Document
.PML NT4 Performance Monitor Log File, PADGen Program Information
.PN3 Harvard Printer Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
.PNG Public (Portable) Network Graphic (proposed GIF replacement), PaintShop Pro Browser
.PNM PBM Portable Any Map Graphic
.PNT MacPaint File
.POG Descent2 File
.POL Music File, AscToHTM Policy File
.POP dBase Popup Menu
.POS ProCite Output Styles, QuickPOS IIF File
.POT PowerPoint Template
.POV Persistence of Vision Ray-tracer
.PP Compressed Archive File
.PP4 Picture Publisher
.PP5 Picture Publisher
.PPA PowerPoint Add-in
.PPB WordPerfect Print Preview Button Bar
.PPD PostScript Printer Description
.PPF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program File
.PPI MS PowerPoint Graphics File
.PPL Harvard Polaroid Palette Plus ColorKey Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
.PPM PBM Portable Pixelmap Graphic
.PPO Clipper Preprocessor Output
.PPP Serif PagePlus Publication, Parson Power Publisher
.PPS PowerPoint Slideshow
.PPT PowerPoint Presentation
.PPX Serif PagePlus Publication
.PPZ PowerPoint Packaged Presentation
.PQ Adobe Pagemaker Default Printer Style
.PQI Power Quest Drive Imaging Software
.PR2 Persuasion Presentation
.PR2 dBase IV Printer Driver
.PR3 dBase IV PostScript Printer Driver
.PRC Palmpilot Resource File
.PRD Printer Driver
.PRE Freelance Presentation
.PRF Preferences File (various), dBase IV Printer Driver, Profiler Output, PICS Rules File
.PRG Program File (various), OzWin Purged Messages File, WAVmaker Program
.PRI LocoScript Printer Definitions
.PRJ Project File, 3D Studio File, HitPlayer Advanced Playlist File
.PRM Parameter File
.PRN Printer Text File, DataCAD Windows Printer File, XYWrite Printer Driver, PostScript File
.PRO Profile, PROLOG Program File, Terramodel software
.PRS Printer Resource File, WordPerfect Printer Resource Font File, dBase Procedure, Harvard File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
.PRT Printer  Configuration, Printer-formatted File, Unigraphics Part File (CAD modeling data)
.PRV PsiMail Internet Provider Template, Previous Version (used for files that change)
.PRX Foxpro Compiler Program
.PRZ Freelance Graphics 97 File
.PS PostScript
.PSB Pinnacle Sound Bank
.PSD Photoshop Format, Apple Viewer File
.PSF Chiwriter PostScript Printer Font
.PSI PSION A-law Audio
.PSM Turbo Pascal Symbol Table, Protracker Studio Module Format, Epic Games Sound Data
.PSP PaintShop Pro Image
.PST MS Outlook Personal Folder File
.PSY PLD2 System File (program due out 1Q2001)
.PT3 Harvard Device Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
.PT3 PageMaker Template
.PT4 PageMaker Template
.PT5 PageMaker Template
.PTM PolyTracker Music Module
.PUB PGP Public Key Ring, Ventura Publication, MS Publisher Document
.PUF Puffer Encrypted File
.PW Professional Write Text File
.PWA Password Agent File
.PWD Pocket Word Document
.PWF ProCite Workforms
.PWL Password List
.PWP Photoworks Image File
.PWZ PowerPoint Wizard
.PX Primary Index, Paradox Primer Database Index
.PXL Pocket Excel Spreadsheet
.PY PYTHON Script, Yahoo Saved Messages
.PYC Compiler PYTHON Script
.PZD Pizazz Plus File
.PZO Pizazz Plus File
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