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T File Extensions

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Extension Meaning / Link
.T?? Ingres Table/Index File (?? = Hex 00 to FF)
.T2T Sonata CAD Modelling File
.TAB Guitar Tablature File
.TAG Dataflex Query Tag Name
.TAH Turbo Assembler Help File
.TAL Adobe TypeAlign Text Illustration File
.TAR Compressed Archive File
.TAX Turbotax File
.TAZ TAR.Z Compressed File
.TB1 Turbo C Font


Turbo C Font

.TBF Trellian Button Factory
.TBK Memo Backup (database programs), Asymetrix Toolbook
.TBL Adobe Pagemaker Import Mapping Table
.TC Borland Configurations File
.TCH Borland Help File
.TCL TCL/TK Language Script
.TCP Topicscape topic link file - exported to Windows
.TD Turbo Debugger Configurations File
.TDB Thumbs Plus Database
.TDF Trace Definition File, Typeface Definition File (for fonts)
.TDH Turbo Debugger Help File
.TDK Turbo Debugger Keyboard Record
.TDO Compressed File
.TDP Serif DrawPlus Thumbnail
.TDS Turbo Debugger Symbol Table
.TEM Icon Author Template,  Turbo Editor Macro Language
.TEX TeX, LaTeX File, Texture File
.TF Turbo Profiler Configuration File
.TFA Turbo Profiler Area File
.TFH Turbo Profiler Help File
.TFM Tagged Font Metric
.TFS Turbo Profiler Statistic
.TG4 CCITT Group 4 Fax
.TGA Truevision Targa Graphic
.TGZ UNIX Tar File Zipped
.THB Bitmap Graphic
.THD Thread
.THM MS Clipart Gallery Database, Serif DrawPlus Theme
.THN Graphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail
.THP TurboTax-related File
.THS WordPerfect Thesaurus
.TIF Tagged Image Format File
.TIG Tiger Government Map File
.TLB Remote Automation Truelib Files, OLE Type Library, Visual C++ Type Library
.TLD Trellix File
.TLE NASA Two-Line Element Set
.TLP MS Project Timeline File
.TLT Trellix Web Design File
.TLX Telex, Trellix Data File
.TMF WordPerfect Tagged Font Metric File
.TMO Zortech C++ Global Optimizer Output File
.TMP Temporary File
.TMS Telemate Script
.TOC Eudora Table Of Contents
.TOL Kodak Photoenhancer
.TP Turbo Pascal Configuration File
.TP3 Harvard Template (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif)
.TPH Turbo Pascal Help File
.TPL Turbo Pascal Resident Units, Harvard Template (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif), fKey Template Designer Template File, CakeWalk Audio Template File, DataCAD Template File
.TPP Turbo Pascal Protected Mode Units, Teleport Pro Project,  TypePlus File
.TPU Turbo Pascal Unit
.TPW Turbo Pascal Unit
.TRE PC Tools Directory Tree
.TRK Kermit Script File
.TRM Terminal Settings (various)
.TRN Quattro Translation, Adobe Pagemaker File, MKS Source Integrity Project Log
.TRP Tripmaker File
.TS Tune Smithy File
.TSP Windows Telephony Service Provider
.TST WordPerfect Printer Test File, Test File
.TTC TrueType Compressed Font
.TTF TrueType Font
.TTK Corel Catalyst Translation Tool Kit
.TTL Tera Term Macro File
.TUB PaintShop Pro Tube File
.TUT Tutorial
.TWF TabWorks File
.TWW Tagwrite Template
.TX8 DOS Text File
.TXB Descent/D2 Encoded Briefing File
.TXC Urban Chaos Game File
.TXT Text File
.TXW Yamaha TX16W Wave Files
.TXX DataPerfect Text Storage
.TYM PageMaker Time Stamp
.TZ Compressed File, Ingres Time Zone File
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